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What does it Take to Paint on the Face?

Dec. 19, 2020

Know how to face paint is a great skill around birthday parties and Halloween. If you have never applied a topcoat before, you need to put in a kit with all the correct consumables, such as topcoat, brushes and mirrors. Once you have all the painting tools, you can use the tools to paint a design on someone's face. With some practice and patience, you can immediately start drawing beautiful designs on people's faces. As a Pearl Face Paint Company, share with you.

Customized Kids Face Paint

Customized Kids Face Paint

1. Get a variety of paints for facial painting. Make sure the paint you use is non-toxic. They should state directly on the label that they are made for facial painting. If you are just getting started, get a color palette and a neutral palette.

2. Reserve the brush and sponge on the face. For smaller details, use a round, fine-pointed brush; for larger details, use a flat, wide brush. You must have at least three brushes of each size in your face painting kit; one for black paint, one for white paint, and one for color paint. Using different brushes for different colors will prevent color mixing.

3. Take a plastic cup to fill water. You will need to mix water with the topcoat and rinse the brush head. Any ordinary plastic water cup can be used.

4. Find a few towels and wipe the brush. Use cheap towels as they will be stained with paint regularly. The face towel is great because you can wash it and reuse it when you want to face paint.

5. Equipped with a mirror to show people how great their finish looks. A small handheld mirror will work. If you are doing face painting at a large event or party, please bring two mirrors in case one of them is broken.

6.Do not forget to sparkle. Buy a non-toxic cosmetic-grade glitter powder from a craft store and add it to your face painting kit. Add glitter to the paint to make it sparkle and pop.

Make sure to use cosmetic grade glitter. Cosmetic-grade flash will not be hurt if it enters someone’s sight.

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