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Face Painting Ideas for Children

Dec. 03, 2020

As a Pearl Face Paint Company, share with you.

Pearl Face Paint

Pearl Face Paint

Whether you want a rainy day event, something to make the party memorable, or some ideas for the next school fundraising event, face painting is the answer.

1.Butterfly painting face

Super popular, you can customize the butterfly face painting according to your child's preferences. It's relatively simple, first apply sponge on the colored wings, and then use the black butterfly outline to make the design impressive. Don't forget to sprinkle glitter!

2. Spiderman face painting

Let the little superhero make a huge impact through the simple Spiderman face painting design. Simple and effective. The most important tip: roll your eyes first.

3. Tiger face painting

For some reason, Tiger, which is only known to children under the age of 8, is a very popular choice for face painting at fairs, parties and events. Some tiger face painting designs will make the artist tremble in his boots. The simplest tiger face painting design can be realized by most amateur face painters.

4. Frozen and snowflake painting

If the words below No. 7 on the face painting chair, please make sure you stock up a lot of blue and white face paint and lots of glitter! This time it will be a general demand.

5. Camouflage soldier face painting

Looks like a professional when doing the simplest top coat ever. The use of this camouflage soldier face painting technology can change the combat methods of active recruits. You will need 3 sponges and some good muddy colors. You can't be wrong.

6. Painted face

Simple but amazing, the best floral design requires a high-quality facial makeup brush. Use the shape of the brush (side) to create petals. Stunning design in an instant: Flowers are especially useful for the smallest human canvases that are still stationary.

7. Cat face painting

Some cat face paint designs make you more wrinkled than ordinary cats. This design may seem simple, but it will have an impact on your kitty lovers.

8. Puppy face painting

If they did not request the kitten, then you can be confident that you will be asked about the puppy. A tricky design can make you look good without making mistakes, but stick to it until the end, or omit it altogether, so you will have a very loyal dog.

9. Dinosaur face painting

Roar for the dinosaurs! In order to impress the most enthusiastic paleontologists in the Jurassic, please use face-painted dinosaurs with impressive scales and horns to make them clever.

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