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Several Topcoat Options for Children

May. 22, 2021

As a Customized Kids Face Paint Company, share it with everyone.

Dog face paint design

If your child wants to dress up as his favorite four-legged friend, you can use some simple Halloween face paint to make your puppy stand out. First use a white top coat to enhance the appearance, and then add a basic black eyeliner to make the tail shake.

Customized Color Kids Face Paint

Customized Color Kids Face Paint

Butterfly finish

If your little girl likes all things that flutter, then she will like to be this woman's butterfly and spread her wings with her gem-like talent. The sprayed wings and body exudes a gleaming light, dotted with gems, and reproduces himself easily.

Halloween skull face paint

This classic costume is perfect for kids who use "skills" for "trick or treat". The white and black finishes can be complex or simple according to your preferences, allowing you to create a variety of looks on Halloween night.

Superhero face paint

Your little girl can use this Halloween children's face paint to show the world her superhero skills. After putting the golden headband on the red star, she will prepare to fight crime.

Vampire face paint

For vampires, the fun begins at sunset. Teeth coated with fangs make the appearance look complete, but will not hinder the chewing of the candy.

Princess face paint

The face paint in shades of pink, blue and purple will turn your child into a princess on Halloween.

Fairy face paint

Your child does not need to wear scary clothing to make a statement. This fairy-tale face color has soft colors and sparkling whimsical feel.

Witch face paint

Glamorously dressed in everyone's favorite horror costume, this witch has purple eyes and a creepy green face. Don't forget the nose wart to complete this simple Halloween face paint idea!

Monster face paint

Disguise the child as a green ghoul by painting a painted mask with thorny teeth, sinister horns and pointed hair.

Clown face paint

Half the fun of being a clown is undergoing a transformation with a painted face! This timeless clown design can be easily created with only four paint colors-and refreshing everyone.

Pirate finish

Hi, buddy! Of course, your child can wear blindfolds, turbans, and masks and call themselves pirates. However, the painted accessories are not so troublesome to wear and feel very realistic!

Rabbit face paint design

Rabbit ears may be an obvious way to turn your child into a hippie bunny, but painting on the nose, beard and teeth will take the whole to a new level of playfulness. To reproduce this simple Halloween face paint idea, first sponge the base coat of gray and white paint, and then simply add rosy cheeks and details on the mouth.

Tiger face paint design

If you are looking for unique Halloween cat face paint ideas, then this tiger design may succeed. Cutting off part of the face with orange and white paint creates the illusion of a muzzle, while the additional decoration makes the design more playful.

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