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Do you Need to Sit or Stand While Painting?

Jun. 09, 2021

Some face painters like to stand while painting faces, while others like to sit. Try sitting and standing to participate in activities, because sometimes practice reveals pros and cons that you might not have thought of. Please consider these factors when choosing the method that suits you best. As a Pearl Face Paint Company, share with you.

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fluidity. One of the advantages of standing is that you can move freely around the individual on the chair when necessary. If you are seated, make sure all the items you need are within reach. Because you are not walking around the child, you can make the child turn his head so that you can draw. If you use a chair that turns for guests and you are a face painter, this will help provide mobility that you don't have.

height. Your height will help determine which method is best for you. For example, sometimes tall artists don't care about standing because they have to bend over for their children, depending on the height of the stool or tall director's chair they use. For them, it is best to sit, unless they have a high enough seat for their children, so that they do not often bend over. Some artists use pillows and cushions to raise the height of children and keep them in front of the chair.

Protect your back. If you have experienced back problems in the past, you need to carefully consider whether standing or sitting will affect it. If you choose to stand, it is important to use high-quality shoes with excellent support to prevent exacerbating previous back problems. 

Sitting and drawing. When sitting down, please arrange two chairs so that you can easily touch your supplies and the face of your customers. Putting the client's chair directly in front of you may feel awkward, and you may need to tilt the chair slightly to touch her face. It may be better to place the client's chair parallel to your chair so that your arms are not stretched and therefore you are closer to the person you are drawing.

Stand while painting. If you want to stand, please practice putting the director's chair and table in several different positions to find the best position for you. For example, if you are right-handed, placing your table on the right side of the chair will help you flow. If you are left-handed, it is usually best to put the table to the left of the chair. For comfort, place a square carpet or foam under a work area that is active for long periods of time, especially when it is on a concrete surface. Also, if you choose to stand, ask the children to come to the front of the chair and lean forward so that you can easily touch their faces.

Consider who you are going to draw. If you are accustomed to standing and drawing to children, drawing several adults in one activity will not cause discomfort. However, if you are hired to participate in an adult-only activity, please provide a chair of normal height for you to sit down at work.

The face painter who decides whether you are standing or sitting may sound like an unimportant detail, but it can have a huge impact on your comfort at work. This is critical when you work for a long time, so be sure to choose a product in advance that will allow you to work as comfortably as possible for as long as possible.

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