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How to Paint a Human Face Better?

Jan. 04, 2021

As a Pearl Face Paint Company, share with you.

1. Ask the person how they want to draw their faces. If you are not sure, please show them some pictures of different face painting designs to choose from. Just make sure you can copy any designs you want to show so that they won't be disappointed in the end!

2. Use the photo as a reference. Don't be afraid to look at the photos every once in a while to make sure you draw the design right. If there is no printable photo available, please use your smartphone to find one online. Search for things like "Lion Face Color" or "Butterfly Face Color Design."

3. Use sponge to add the basis of the design. Dip the tip of the sponge in the water. Don't soak the sponge, just hope to put a few drops of water on it. Rub the wet corners of the sponge onto the color paint to be used in a circular motion. Gently pat the tip of the sponge to the person's face to apply the color.

Customized Kids Face Paint

Customized Kids Face Paint

If the color is not bright enough, add more water and paint to the tip of the sponge.

4. Add a second color to the base to achieve a more complex design. Please use another sponge or wipe off the sponge used to apply the first color. Choose a color that blends perfectly with the first color. Remember that the opposite colors on the color wheel provide a good contrast, but they do not blend well. For example, if you are drawing a butterfly and set the bottom of the wings to purple, the blue will blend well, but the yellow will not. Use the wet tip of the sponge to apply the second color, but use a dry sponge to mix the colors together.

5. Let the first coat of paint dry. After a few minutes, gently touch the paint with your fingertips to see if the paint is dry. If the paint comes off your fingers, please let the paint dry. After the paint is completely dry, continue painting.

6. Use the brush to add details to the design. Dip a brush in the water and brush the bristles on the color paint to be used. Make sure that the brush does not drip, otherwise the paint may flow on the person's face. For smaller details, use the thin edges of the brush to lightly stroke. Use the flat side of the brush to draw thicker, thicker lines. After using a color, clean the brush or grab a new brush to use the new color. Use a thin brush to add shadows and highlights to the black and white paint.

7. Use baby wipes to correct errors. Gently wipe the baby on the spots to be erased. You can also use baby wipes to round the edges in the design.

8. Use the mirror to show your work to others. Ask them if they like it. If they look unhappy or disappointed, please suggest repairing the design or adding more details.

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