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What is the Most Important Thing About Face Painting?

Feb. 18, 2021

As a Pearl Face Paint Company, share with you.

For me, face painting is mainly about fun. It is fun to create images and interact with guests. Once, a young lady about nine years old called me out because I didn't paint her lips red. After correcting the negligence, she nailed me because she didn't add white highlights to her lips. At such a young age, she was already very cute, took away all the details of the sample, and knew what she wanted. I think that for a 9-year-old child, the details are not important. How cute indeed!

Color Glitter Tattoo Kit

Color Glitter Tattoo Kit

Whether it's a birthday party, community event, family picnic or trick or treat on Halloween, face painting can make the event more vivid. You don't need to be an expert or artist to enjoy this art form.

Cater to the audience

When preparing for the event, I will consider the guests who will attend. Always provide the right design for your audience. For example, if you voluntarily draw in your son’s kindergarten class, you do not need to prepare a detailed design. Simple, fast and easy design will work well. If you draw faces at a birthday party and have a theme (ie hearts and flowers), make sure to include hearts and flowers in the sample design.

Brush maintenance

If you use your hard-earned cash to buy brushes in the future, please take care of it. Don't let the brush sit in the water, the brush should face down. This will bend the hair-you will not be happy. Rinse the brush after each color and lay it flat between uses. After finishing the "show", don't forget to clean the brushes with warm soapy water. Of course, you can buy a brush cleaner, but soap and water will work fine. After cleaning the brush-after rinsing off all the soap, readjust the shape of the nib, and then lay the brush flat to dry. In addition, store the brush in a container that will not damage the hair of the brush. You don't want your hair to be curved. Sometimes your new brush will have a plastic cover on your hair-please don't re-wear it on the brush-trust me, it doesn't work properly and will bend the hair on the brush-not good. If you can put on the plastic cover correctly, the bristles may not dry properly, which may cause the bristles to deteriorate and the effect is not good. Your paintbrushes are an investment; take good care of them and they will serve you for a long time.

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