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How to Design a Simple Cat Face For Your Child?

Apr. 17, 2021

As a Pearl Face Paint Company, share with you.

We will provide some simple designs for those who lack face painting experience. As you can see in the first example, designing a cute cat face is very simple.

This face painting includes almost all the basic features of cats. You can only say that the ears are missing (there are many designs that depict the entire head of the cat, not just the face).

Customized Kids Face Paint

Customized Kids Face Paint

See how easy it is-just add:

Wavy lines on eyebrows

"Cat eye" makeup, draw a line on the side of each eye

Three rows on each cheek for the beard

Three points above the upper lip

Nose dyed black

Straight line from nose to upper lip

The soft black touch on the lips makes them look like cats

The best part is, I bet it took less than five minutes to complete this cat face, which looks really cute to the little girl.

Add cat costume and she can go anytime.

Black and white cat

Here, only two different colors (black and white) are used to create a very cute cat face to achieve a wonderful effect.

To create such a look, simply:

Outline and color the black part. Each black part reaches a point above the two eyes, representing the cat’s ears.

Draw the white middle part.

Use white paint to add details such as the inside of the ears and beard. (I really like these details).

Draw a "V" on the tip of the nose with black paint. Then draw a line from the bottom of the nose to the center of the lips, and trace the connection between the upper lip and the cheeks.

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