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How to Choose Safe Face Paint for Children?

Jul. 26, 2021

Face Paint is very interesting for young children. Coloring your face has a magical feeling. Children do not need to know how to make detailed designs to enjoy painting themselves, another face or their own body. Face painting is very suitable for dressing up games or dressing up existing costumes. Body painting is actually very natural for children. I have witnessed this many times in class. Put a child in front of a big mirror so they can see the paint on their face. Inspiration will come! Even if you let your child draw, you will be very excited. If you are a parent or teacher, you can learn some basic designs that will impress any child. If you are going to be a face painter, then simple rainbows, snakes or insects will please the crowd.

Kid Safe Face Paint

Child-level facial painting is usually tested by dermatologists and toxicologists, but I recommend that you perform a small test on your child’s arm or torso to see if there is any reaction before painting the face or body completely.

The top coat is very viscous and needs to be applied hard to the skin. Children can apply paint with fingers, sponge or paintbrush. Some are more greasy than others.

Make sure there are enough napkins nearby to prevent fingers from sticking. The topcoat is water-based, usually washable. Most topcoats can be washed with warm soapy water.

Some topcoats have high pigment concentrations and may stain clothes. So I recommend wearing an artist's overalls, blouses or costumes.

There are many colors to choose from, even safe and shiny flash colors. Children only need to choose a few colors to draw the image. The top coat uses a round cake pan and a stick in the form of a lipstick.

Kid Safe Face Paint

You can find the top coat at Kid Safe Face Paint Supplier.

You can also find your own homemade face paint recipes online. Face painting designs can also be easily found online.

Watch a few face painting YouTube videos to learn some basic skills. Professional face painters usually use baby powder or talcum powder to design for longer.

I do not recommend this step for young children.

Be sure not to let young children leave the paint on their faces unattended, you may get more than just face paint! Here are some interesting design ideas for Pearl Face Paint.